Welcome to ETTCI

The Electrical Testing Technician Certification Institute provides individuals with the opportunity to obtain recognition as Electrical Testing Technicians in accordance with the ANSI/NETA Standard for Certification of Electrical Testing Technicians.  There are four levels of recognition within the structure of ETTCI’s program.

An Electrical Testing Technician (ETT) is someone who performs tests and inspections and evaluates the suitability of electrical power equipment and systems for the intended use.  An ETT must be capable of conducting the tests in a safe manner and with complete knowledge of the hazards involved.  They must also evaluate the data resulting from the tests and form an opinion of the continued serviceability or nonserviceability of the specific equipment.  The evaluation of service-aged equipment requires subjective assessment by the ETT.

Through a combination of years of experience in the field, safety training, electrical training, and the successful completion of the online certification examination, individuals achieving certification through ETTCI have demonstrated that they meet the standards of an impartial organization for the performance of specific technical tasks by the virtue of their technical knowledge and experience.